Javier Cuel­lo

Javier Cuel­lo is The Man to know in re­gards to any­thing sound record­ing in Latin Amer­i­ca. When­ev­er any of the big rock groups come to Latam, he’s the one they call to run their sound. Plus he’s awe­some­ly cool.

David Askaripour

David knows his mate. Amer­i­cans in Ar­genti­na tend to adopt the lo­cal cus­toms and en­joy the mate; but David is a man ob­sessed. In true Ar­gen­tine style, he can sit for hours and dis­course on the mean­ing of the shared drink passed around as though it was a pipe. I haven’t been on one of…

Mor­gan Gates

Mor­gan’s back­ground in fine arts has re­al­ly shown through with the make up she has done for her clients. Her pas­sion for fash­ion, film and mu­sic has giv­en her a well round­ed style and eye for de­sign and col­or. With the va­ri­ety and amount of clients she has worked for, any bride could rest at…

Chad DePue

Chad has been here a cou­ple of years now and he’s uber-pro­fes­­sion­al. I would trust him to get the job done. His com­pa­ny is grow­ing very quick­ly, too — and he de­serves it. Great job, Chad!

Amy Febinger

Amy Febinger

If there is one thing that Amy knows it’s flow­ers. Her pas­sion and at­ten­tion to de­tail and col­or is com­plete­ly ev­i­dent in the flo­ral arrange­ments she cre­ates. Amy’s unique arrange­ments adds vi­tal­i­ty and gor­geous col­or to that spe­cial day.

Bri­anne Cas­tro

If you don’t speak any or lit­tle Eng­lish, then you prob­a­bly don’t un­der­stand this para­graph! But if you do, and you are in need of an Eng­lish teacher in Buenos Aires, I would strong­ly rec­om­mend Bri­anne Cas­tro. Al­though I, as a na­tive speak­er, have nev­er used her ser­vices per­son­al­ly, many na­tive Ar­gen­tines I know have,…

Ari Rosen­field

The mu­sic can make or break any event. Ari not on­ly has the ex­per­tise and skill to make that spe­cial evening a suc­cess, but he will al­so do so with style and great work eth­ic. His easy go­ing per­son­al­i­ty and de­sire to con­nect with each client makes for a stress-free, fun filled evening. Ari keeps…

Ricardo Mardisich

Ri­car­do Mar­disich

Ri­car­do is the guy to know to fix your lap­top in BA. Su­per pro­fes­sion­al, kind, and knows his stuff. Avoid the “ser­vi­cio tec­ni­co” com­put­er-fry (we’ve ex­pe­ri­enced it — it sucks!) and give Ri­car­do a call if you need any lap­top re­pairs, da­ta re­cov­ery, etc. in Buenos Aires.

Ryan Oak­ley

I haven’t got­ten a hair­cut from Ryan — but every­one else has. They on­ly rave. You want a good, Amer­i­­can-style hair­cut in Buenos Aires, with none of the prob­lems en­dem­ic to BA Bar­bers, like the in­abil­i­ty to fol­low in­struc­tions? Ryan’s your man.

Aaron Brown

Aaron re­al­ly knows his stuff about beer. Get him tip­sy and he will spend hours telling you about its his­to­ry, its dis­cov­ery in an­cient Egypt, all the com­pa­nies in Ar­genti­na and how they are different–and which ones are great. He runs a mean beer tast­ing, too.