Dan Kar­lin

El­e­gant and classy, Anu­va is for trav­el­ers want­i­ng a first-rate ex­pe­ri­ence of ex­plor­ing the best wines of Ar­genti­na in a world-class set­ting. I’ll ad­mit, I’m to­tal­ly un­bi­ased be­cause I’m just a to­tal suck­er for good wine sur­round­ed by good peo­ple hav­ing great con­ver­sa­tions, but so be it: Anu­va is worth it!

Megan Hill

Af­ter dust­ing off her old Su­per 8 cam­era and film­ing a friend’s wed­ding, Megan dis­cov­ered her true pas­sion — cre­at­ing and cap­tur­ing that ro­man­tic day in the style of vin­tage film. Megan’s classy taste and nos­tal­gic style blend to­geth­er per­fect­ly to cre­ate a beau­ti­ful work of art.

Ce­sar Pe­nafiel

Pe­ru Deli — yeah, Ce­sar is all over the place. A great guy, very nice and sin­cere. I don’t know enough peo­ple as sin­cere­ly nice as he is. I had take out from them once, and it was ex­cel­lent, the best Pe­ru­vian food I’ve had in Buenos Aires. I’m not ex­ag­ger­at­ing.

Mor­gan Gates

Mor­gan’s back­ground in fine arts has re­al­ly shown through with the make up she has done for her clients. Her pas­sion for fash­ion, film and mu­sic has giv­en her a well round­ed style and eye for de­sign and col­or. With the va­ri­ety and amount of clients she has worked for, any bride could rest at…

Celia Ler­man

Celia Ler­man is­n’t Amer­i­can — but she thinks and acts like one, and is even mar­ried to one. Celia can solve all your copy­right, trade­mark, and patent prob­lems, and will do an awe­some job. For ex­am­ple, every week she man­u­al­ly re­views every sin­gle trade­mark grant­ed in all of Ar­genti­na! She’s saved many a busi­ness. She…

Adrien de Bon­tin

Adrien has it all: French cul­ture and cre­ativ­i­ty, Vi­en­nese work style, and the Amer­i­can work eth­ic. First rate pho­tog­ra­phy, on all fronts. His fash­ion and back­stage pho­tos are the high­est qual­i­ty; and he is a spe­cial­ist in film–yes, old-fash­ioned film.

Vic­to­ria An­gari­ta

Just met her the oth­er day — she brings the cof­fee over to The Of­fice. Her fam­i­ly owns a Cof­fee pla­na­tion in Colom­bia and she brings them over here. The high­est qual­i­ty Cof­fee I’ve ever had in BA. The cof­fee was tru­ly world-class. (Ar­genti­na al­so does­n’t grow cof­fee, so it is all im­port­ed from near­by…

Javier Cuel­lo

Javier Cuel­lo is The Man to know in re­gards to any­thing sound record­ing in Latin Amer­i­ca. When­ev­er any of the big rock groups come to Latam, he’s the one they call to run their sound. Plus he’s awe­some­ly cool.