Pite van den Boss­che

So Pite has a knack for be­com­ing the Bar­tender at the best bar in town, what­ev­er it is. When Dui Dui was the coolest bar in the city–he was the man be­hind it. When Green Bam­boo was the coolest bar in town–he was the man that made their best drinks. Now that Oa­sis is the…

Mar­co Zuin

Mar­co Zuin is from Pad­ua but could pass for an Ar­gen­tine in ac­cent, in looks, in chamuyo abil­i­ties. But one way in which he does not pass for an Ar­gen­tine is in his ob­ses­sive work-eth­ic. To Mar­co, hol­i­days don’t exist–he will spend every mo­ment mak­ing his busi­ness bet­ter. And what in­dus­try does he have his…

Frances Huang

Bue­na On­da Yo­ga: I don’t know them per­son­al­ly and I don’t do Yo­ga, but every girl I’ve ever met here raves about Frances and Bue­na On­da Yo­ga. Okay, “every girl I’ve met” is an ex­ag­ger­a­tion. But on­ly a slight one.

Alan Ep­stein

The Of­fice is my sin­gle fa­vorite bar to go have a drink. Re­lax­ing, high qual­i­ty, with an el­e­ment of “Cheers” thrown in: noth­ing else needs to be said.

Jorge Ler­man

Jorge Ler­man is the King of Mates & Bom­bil­las in Buenos Aires. Su­per re­li­able, su­per friend­ly, and has a mas­sive sup­ply of all types of Mates and Bom­bil­las in stock. Whether you need a few for the house or thou­sands for your busi­ness (with your com­pa­ny’s lo­go — free!), Jorge’s got you cov­ered.

Philipe Christodoulou

I don’t use them, but they’re pop­u­lar around the neigh­bor­hood. Laun­dro­mats, un­for­tu­nate­ly, tend to be low qual­i­ty in Ar­genti­na, so I’d rec­om­mend go­ing out of your way to deal with peo­ple who care. Two thumbs up.

María Car­rá

María’s judg­ment is awe­some; im­pec­ca­ble food taste, and com­plete­ly honest–although, if her opin­ion is not all that pos­i­tive, she is much like­ly to be com­plete­ly silent rather than speak neg­a­tive­ly.

Adam Shindler

Adam Shindler is a guy who will make sure it gets done. He knows every­thing about the ho­tel and hos­pi­tal­i­ty in­dus­try — and he is­n’t afraid to put his mon­ey where his mouth is: he does­n’t just talk, he does. That’s the kind of man I al­ways want to work with.