N. T.

Get­ting mon­ey in and out of Ar­genti­na can be hard, con­fus­ing in terms of the need­ed pa­per­work, and expensive–and you need to work with some­one whom you trust im­mense­ly. Some­one like that is hard to find. Here comes NT to solve the prob­lem: he’s been mov­ing mon­ey around for a decade for the big boys, but he works with we small folk al­so. He bought in the mon­ey for my house and brings mon­ey in­to Ar­genti­na every month for me. I would trust him with the 7 fig­ures of dol­lars, and he has nev­er let me down. NT is a pri­vate guy and if you want to meet him, just drop us a line.