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The Marketing Scientist

We’re the guys behind the site. We’re awesome marketers, ain’t we? And we never use negative marketing online, no, never, ever!

Legal Fácil – Guías Legales a la Ley de Argentina y Chile

Everything a small businessman or entrepreneur needs to know about the law, labor and doing business in Argentina!

Inflation Calculator

Calculate changes in the value of money

Negative Online Marketing

We love this site about the team that are the leaders in negative internet marketing. Don’t mess with them!

Spanish for Nerds: Learn Spanish with Etymologies

The unique, etymological way to Learn Spanish!

Wedding Vow Share

Awesome collection of wedding vows!

Word Counter

Calculate how many words are in a document!



Jewish Wedding Art: This is not a Ketubah, Yes it is

Modern Ketubahs

As we well as these:

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